The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released its final rules for medical marijuana operations, so the city of Blue Springs needs to further amend its regulations to comply.

These amendments include adding “Medical Marijuana Transportation Facility” as an allowed use of land and regulating where and how it operates within the city. The amendments also define the process to allow residents to apply for alternatives to some of the strict regulations being implemented for medical marijuana facilities, according to council documents.

The City Council is scheduled to hold a hearing on those changes at 6 p.m. Monday.

The regulations already passed refer to cultivation and testing centers and dispensaries, and limit where they can be placed within the city and what times they can operate.

The updated amendments would allow medical marijuana transport facilities to be set up in places zoned as regional commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial, whereas other facilities are also allowed in general business areas. Council documents define a medical marijuana transport facility as one that serves to transport medical marijuana to patients, caregivers, cultivation and manufacturing facilities, as well as dispensaries and testing sites. The transport facilities are subject to the same buffer requirements as others, staying 1,000 feet away from churches and schools, and will also be required to operate in the same twelve-hour time window, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.. The city can grant a permit for exceptions.

The city of Independence is looking to enact similar regulations, mirroring the ones recommended by the state, with a twelve-hour operations window and a 1,000 foot buffer from churches and schools.

Only 192 dispensary facilities will be granted licenses across the state, 24 for each congressional district. The state will also grant licenses for up to 60 cultivation stations, 86 marijuana-infused manufacturing facilities and two testing facilities.

Patients will only be able to obtain medical marijuna with a licensed physcian’s prescription.