Keep Independence moving forward with Proposition P

Stan Adkins, Independence

To the editor:

I am a longtime resident of Independence and have a great appreciation for our local community; our thriving school district, our ever-growing economy and all the exciting developments on the horizon like New Town Harmony and the upcoming new business park, and especially our unique and significant role in early Missouri and American History, notwithstanding being the hometown of one of our most important presidents, President Harry Truman. Independence has so much to offer on so many levels. I’m sure I speak for many when I say I would want to see Independence continue to grow and thrive well into this new century.

But alas, it appears the quality of life here in Independence may soon be greatly and negatively impacted if its citizens fail to act in a proactive and positive manner concerning an item on the upcoming Aug. 6 ballot: Proposition P.

Prop P addresses the need for a sales tax on internet purchases within our community. The funds will help support our animal shelter, which the city has recently taken responsibility of, and of course our great Police Department, as well as level the playing field for all the brick-and-mortar businesses here in our community, helping to make them much more competitive in an ever-widening local and regional economy.

I urge all Independence citizens to take a hard look at the need we have to support our Police Department, consider how vital our local businesses are to our future and our economy, and the great job our animal shelter does for the community and come out on Aug. 6 to support Prop P and urge all their family members and friends to do the same.



Support our animal shelter and police – yes on Prop P

Lois McDonald, Independence

To the editor:

I’m writing in support of Prop P on the Aug. 6 ballot that will capture revenue generated by online sales. It’s fair to our local merchants, and if you don’t shop online; you won’t pay it. Currently, we are operating the Jackson County animal shelter in Independence and there is need for monetary support for that effort. The citizens of our city have expressed their desire to keep it a no-kill shelter. Animal lovers like myself support the operation of the shelter by caring and compassionate staff, and I’ll vote yes in support of it.

I’ve been a proud supporter of the men and women in blue for decades. My grandson just graduated from the academy, and now even more I am committed to any action that makes our officers as well as our community safer.

I learned in 2003 that the Independence Police Department was grossly understaffed. I’ve watched three police chiefs do the best they can with the resources available. I know that directing one-half of the revenue generated by the success of Prop P to the funding of more officers makes sense, and I’m in favor of making that happen.

The passage of Prop P is not a solution for every issue we face in Independence; however it’s a step in the right direction. Please vote “Yes” on Prop P.