A rabid bat found in Eastern Jackson County was submitted to the state public health laboratory, which confirmed that it tested positive for rabies.

No human exposures have been reported, but the Jackson County Health Department advises people to stay aware. According to the department, the area where the bat lived cannot be determined due to the distances they tend to travel, but it was certainly from Eastern Jackson County.

Charles Cohlmia, communicable disease prevention and public health preparedness division manager, advised residents to immediately seek medical attention if they come into contact with a potentially rabid animal.

“If you still have the suspected rabid animal, contact animal control, a pest-control service, or a veterinarian’s office to have the animal submitted to the state public health laboratory for testing,” he said.

If an individual has been exposed to a potentially rabid animal, a series of shots can be given to prevent the disease, according to the department.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, symptoms of rabies in humans include general weakness, fever or headache, as well as discomfort around the site of the bite. Progressive symptoms include hallucinations, anxiety and confusion.

Symptoms of rabies in animals can vary, but are often similar to those in humans, but include increased abnormal behavior as it progresses.