The former president of the Raytown School Board has been charged with allegedly stealing funds from the school district.

Kristie L. Colllins, 52, was charged with one count of Class D felony stealing Monday, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said.

Collins stepped down in May as the school board president.

According to court documents, while she was president of the Raytown School Board, Collins allegedly used a purchasing card issued to her by the Raytown School District to make fraudulent purchases. The school board commissioned an audit commissioned by an accouting firm after questions were raised by the school district's finance office regarding transactions submitted by the defendant.

The district purchasing policy states that under no circumstances can the cards be used for unauthorized or personal purchases. An accounting firm documented more than $4,300 in fraudulent purchases. In May 2019, the defendant was informed of the investigation. The next day she resigned. In her resignation letter, she wrote "I have made mistakes. I'll be the first to acknowledge that, and I have tried to correct them when possible. Some I cannot correct, only apologize for and ask forgiveness."

– Staff reports