The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside Independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs:

Days Inn, 451 N.W. Jefferson St. Inspected July 15. No violations found.

Taco John’s, 811 N.W. Woods Chapel Road: Inspected July 15.

• There is a significant build-up of trash and food debris throughout the entire kitchen/storage areas, especially underneath all equipment and shelving and along the floors where the floor meets the wall. Re-Inspection required.

Hidden Valley Baseball, 6500 N.W. Valley View Road. Inspected July 16. No violations found.

Domino’s Pizza, 706 N. Missouri 7. Inspected July 18.

• The handle on the scoop in the cornmeal was touching the food product.

• The faucet on the three-compartment sink has accumulation of black residue build-up.