From The Examiner during the week of July 21-27, 1969:

• ”PARENTS URGED TO KEEP CHILDREN FROM PLAYING IN POLLUTED WATER” – A warning to keep children out of polluted water where signs have previously been posted was issued yesterday by the director of the health department. Wayne Stepp said it has come to the attention of his office and to the police department that numerous young children have been found playing in the polluted waters of Rock Creek. “Most of the complaints have come from two areas,” said Stepp. “They are from the Santa Fe and 27th Street area and from the area of Hill Park.”

• “KIT BAGS NOW BEING OFFERED TO HELP SERVICEMEN ABROAD” – The American Red Cross is again offering to all people of our community a chance to send a personal gift to a serviceman on the battlefront. The Kit Bag is personal gift from you and Red Cross field director will deliver it on Christmas Day. The people of Independence filled over 800 bags last year.

• “GRAHAM RATES MOON WALK FOURTH” – Washington – UPI – Evangelist Billy Graham and other prominent churchmen took exception yesterday to President Nixon’s characterization of the moon landing as the most significant event since the creation. Graham, a personal friend and religious adviser of the President, told UPI he felt sure Nixon has not thought through the implications of his statement. Graham said he would contend there have been three much greater events in history – Christ’s birth and coming “to dwell among men on this planet,” then Christ’s death, and then, “The first Easter, when Christ rose again and conquered death on behalf of all mankind.”

From The Independence Examiner during the week of July 21-27, 1919:

• “MAKING AIRLESS TIRES” – An Independence factory financed and operated by Independence men is now manufacturing tubes for automobile tires which are guaranteed to give the service and do away with all tire troubles. The factory is located on Cottage and Pacific Streets. The two-story stone building erected some years ago as a storehouse has been adapted for the new business, machinery installed and manufacturing started. The present capacity is 33 tires a day.

• “1919 STATE FAIR CELEBRATES VICTORY” – The 1919 Missouri State Fair, to be held in Sedalia August 9-16, is a “Victory” Fair, planned to properly celebrate the successful termination of the World War and the return of Missouri’s fighting sons. “The Battle of St. Mihiel,” a stupendous and spectacular sham battle and fireworks display, is accordingly a highly appropriate headline attraction on the amusement program. The performances will be staged nightly in the infield in front of the grand stand. Three hundred actors take part in the production which is thrillingly realistic.

• “MILLION ‘DRUG FIENDS’ IN U.S.” – Washington – The alarming spread of the narcotic drug habit in the United States is about to be called to the attention of congress in the report of an investigation conducted by a committee appointed by the secretary of the treasury. The chief findings of the committee are: The number of persons in the United States addicted to the use of drugs exceeds 1,000,000 at the present time. Increase in the drug habit in the dry South leads many authorities to the conclusion that national prohibition will swell the number of victims of narcotics. Illegitimate supplies of opium and other drugs are smuggled from Mexico and Canada and along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and furnished to 1,800 organized “dope” dealers.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox