Move Independence forward with approval of Proposition P

Mark A. McDonald, Independence

To the editor:

On Aug 6, 2019, Independence citizens can address two major issues with a single initiative. Prop P – We Support Pets and Police is a request to our citizens for approval of an online local use tax. The online local tax is for goods purchased online. The successful passage will ensure that our current animal shelter will be able to maintain its mission as a no-kill facility, and we as a city will enjoy significantly more resources devoted to our safety with additional police officers.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the use online tax will go to the operation of the recently acquired animal shelter. The actual facility is being leased from Jackson County at a very nominal amount.

The remaining 50% of the proceeds will go directly to funding additional police offices to enable them to proactively address root causes of crime in our city. The current ordinance calls for a maximum of 30 additional officers.

In addition to the above transparency, both funds will be overseen by the Animal Welfare Committee and the Public Safety Sales Tax Committee respectfully.

We Support Pets and Police or Prop P is the right thing to do for our city. This is a very exciting opportunity for Independence, Missouri. Go to for more details. Please vote yes on Prop P.


Enough is enough: Council Member Dougherty should quit

Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor:

At a recent Independence City Council meeting, 2nd District Council Member Curt Dougherty made a very disparaging comment regarding Middle Easterners. He said the following: “discount smoke shops owned by mostly Middle Easterns who will sell anything out the back door.” Further he said they “will cap a lot of things.”

These kind of comments are not needed at our City Council meetings nor at any other public forum by any level from any member of our city government. At best and by any measure these kinds of comments are disgusting and do not add to the public good or to what is expected of a representative of our city government.

What is worse is that Dougherty has no plans to apologize or in any way retract his statement. This, in and of itself, adds to his complete disregard for others and especially their feelings and/or how Independence residents see Dougherty as a legitimate representative of the Independence City Council. These words and his follow-up almost or exactly compares to recent commends elicited by one Donald Trump and his reference to four United States citizens who are also members of the United States House of Representatives.

Free speech is one thing, but appropriate speech is another thing altogether as is inappropriate speech. Dougherty’s comments were words of inappropriate speech and singled out a distinct citizenry of our community.

On two occasions I have asked for Curt Dougherty to resign his seat as a member of the Independence City Council. He refused, and now here we are again with another one of outrageous actions. It is past time for him to leave our City Council and move on to something else in his life, and the sooner the better.

Mr. Dougherty: Resign your position now and do our city a great favor. Your services are no longer needed or much less wanted.

Anyone who is elected to a public governing body should know better than to disparage any group of individuals and always have a deep respect for their citizenry. I think it is fairly obvious that Mr. Dougherty does not have that deep respect and therefore has lost his ability to effectively govern.


Don’t let special interests settle the Dougherty dispute

Brenda Perry, Independence

To the editor:

I’m concerned about Independence City Council Member Curt Dougherty being called to resign by C.A.I.R. in Kansas for saying something they didn’t like. They’re not his constituents. As a descendant of four Revolutionary War patriots, I revere what they and their countrymen went through for our many freedoms, the first being freedom of speech.

Our forefathers’ and mothers’ hearts would be broken by the groups of people who’ve come here (legally and illegally) with their own agendas and demands, who don’t intend to be true Americans. If you comment about it, you’re labeled a racist, but we’re supposed to be compassionate to them. Many, many people are sick of the double standard.

Diversity is meaningful only when it’s held together by a common language (English), respect for our laws and each other and love for this country. Council Member Dougherty didn’t threaten anyone, demean anyone’s religion or criticize other groups. I’d like to see him gone from this council, but not for making a flippant remark. He should be forgiven this time. Special-interest groups are milking this for all it’s worth, so it’s safe to say he’ll watch his mouth from now on.