I had a bit of a technical problem the other day with an account I have online. I’ve had it for approximately 400 years, but to cut a long story short, the only way to solve the problem was to change my email address on the account.

Naturally you can’t do that online, as you need your password to get in, and my password evidently had been tainted with a virus known only to the ancient Pharaohs, so I couldn’t therefore change it. The old Catch-22 of the age of technology.

I had to get customer service on the phone. We all know what a fabulous experience it is to try to get a hold of someone who works for a behemoth-sized company, now don’t we? You know the reason these companies have become so mammoth? They employ the absolute smallest number of support staff they can, thus saving $10 an hour multiplied by the number of employees they now don’t have.

Often support will come from off-shore, and these people, bless them, have been given a script and by golly they’d better stick to it. So when you’re asked, for instance, what your post code is (the Aussie equivalent of a ZIP code, only 1 digit shorter), and you say you don’t have a post code, but a ZIP code, this has therefore gone off-script and ad-libbing is not to be encouraged and so the conversation grinds to its inevitable halt until you ask, through politely gritted teeth, to speak to a supervisor.

“Your call is very important to us...” – I call #&**h&t on that one ...“ All our representatives...” – Hah, that’s a laugh, that would be one representative – count them – one – “…are busy helping other customers.” If my call is so important, employ more people, I say.

Isn’t it fabulous to go off on a rant and realize that you’ve gone so far off point it will take a giant leap of faith to get back to the plot? Well here I am – leaping, faithfully.

I finally changed my email address to one I’ve had for ages but never use, so the chance of remembering to use it, or its associated password, I must confess is a bit dodgy.

As a side benefit, I thought this would make for a very interesting experiment. Only this one account, and of course the email host, know this new email address. My old email address (noted below) is still in use, but I do have to sift through hundreds of unwanted emails a day, so I was looking forward to a spam-free mailbox.

Here hordes of Visigoths have nothing on my junk email. If it goes unchecked for a couple of days, Hotmail has very cunningly quarantined it all to “junk” – for which I am very grateful, but I do have to sift through it to make sure I’m not blocking anyone lovely – like you, gentle reader.

This new email address? It took three days for the junk mail to start shuffling in. I will admit it’s so far shuffling, but I fear a good old romp is on its way.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at anniedearkc@hotmail.com.