Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II on Tuesday expanded on his statement from Monday in support of launching in impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump.

During a stop in Blue Springs, he reiterated that he does not at this point support impeachment but says Congress needs more information. He’s one of about 100 Democrats in the U.S. House to declare that position.

Cleaver represents Missouri’s 5th District, which includes Kansas City and most of Eastern Jackson County.

He said last week’s House hearings at which former special counsel Robert Mueller testified didn’t help much.

“It was spotty in terms of value,” he said.

He pointed out that the public has not seen all of Mueller’s final report.

“Keep in mind we’ve only received the redacted version,” he said.

He also highlighted the fact that other investigations, including counterintelligence cases, are continuing in and beyond Washington. Those are in addition to what Congress is looking at.

“Make no mistake,” Cleaver said. “The American public doesn’t have all the information.”