Ballot question could move Independence to better days

Laurie Dean Wiley, Independence

To the editor:

Last month I had the experience made for bucket lists! I leaped off Arrowhead Stadium as part of a fundraiser for Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity. In full disclosure, I rappelled down, but in any case, it was awesome.

I had some apprehension based on past bouts of vertigo or heart palpitations right before doing something unknown. However, the night before the leap, I realized I no longer had concerns about rappelling off the stadium. Why not? Faith always helps, but I also prepared by envisioning my ascent up to the top and my step off of it with such positive emotion. When it came time to take my turn, I was amazed at how strong, ready and accomplished I felt.

What made the difference? A positive vision. What helped my belief? Training from the staff and encouragement from the Independence Army recruitment office. I found that my fear based on the past wasn’t warranted.

Why am I sharing this? Next Tuesday, you and I have the opportunity to support a positive vision for pets and police in Independence by voting “yes” for Proposition P. You and I can help Independence make critical investment in the Regional Animal Shelter to operate as a safe, no-kill facility for lost and abandoned pets.

Proposition P will also allow for hiring more police officers, an undeniable positive in keeping our community safe and in reducing response times. Quite frankly, our city simply does not have the extra revenue to expand our IPD. Prop P will provide funds to add 30 sworn police personnel.

I believe this is more than just a vote for pets and police. I believe this is a critical opportunity for our city. There are competing Facebook pages, numerous opinions, “fact” checkers and a lot of fears based on the past when it comes to our city’s politics. You and I could focus on hatred, innuendo and misleading statements spouted by the few, or choose to see another vision for the city. One where despite past mistakes, fears or disbelief, we can envision success.

My belief is that our city can be safe, can grow in revenue streams, can rise from past decisions and can unify for the good of one another, and I further believe that it starts with a “yes” vote. I trust that it’s one change that can begin to heal Independence and to make a positive difference.

It starts with Prop P, and I have huge hopes for our future, if we as citizens can set a vision, be educated, and trust to change what is necessary.

I am asking each member of the council to show unified support for Prop P, to help educate your district citizens, and to be a part of something new for Independence. I will continue to do my part as a citizen but demand that you do your part by being the leaders you were elected to be. I will continue to hold my city accountable, speak up for good, find the positive and cheer change for the better at each opportunity. I firmly believe now is such a time.