We have a new washer and dryer, and it is huge.

Recently, after our dryer went out, my son Josh bought me a new set.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a washer and dry this large, in my life.

This all came to be, after the first flood in the basement.

Yes, back in April, there was a torrential rain. It was a horrendous downpour, unlike anything I had ever seen in Missouri.

House gutters were overflowing. Rain spouts were shooting water onto lawns and pavements, like broken fire hydrants. The streets looked like the Teton Dam had burst.

At the time, I was attending a wedding reception, when Kelsey’s staff texted me. She reported that she was running out of beach towels.

When I texted back what are you doing with the beach towels? She said she using them to sop up the basement water.

Of course, I thought she was exaggerating.

But to be safe, I left the wedding reception and drove home.

As I walked into the basement, I felt a squish, squish.

I dropped my purse on the stairs and screamed grab some more towels.

And the rain kept coming. The water ran out, under, and around everything in the basement, office, storage, and bathroom.

To make this story short, we used maybe 60 towels to sop up the water.

Yes, I love towels – beach, bath and kitchen – the more colorful, the better.

I’d even say I’m a collector of pretty towels, maybe a hoarder.

Anyway, we broke the dryer, trying to dry the sopping, waterlogged towels.

As a result, Josh bought me a new set.

I don’t know that Josh had ever ordered a washer and dryer, but he certainly was clear with the salesman.

“I want larger, bigger, and better than any other washer and dryer on the market,” Josh told him.

And Mr. Salesman obeyed.

Honestly, I have never seen a washer and dryer this hefty, in my life.

In fact, the other day, when I could not reach the last sock in the washer, I tipped over and got stuck, hanging half way in and out of the washer.

It was quite a scene

May I end with a poem?


I had GE Profiles and I liked them a lot.

But summer of ’19, the rain wouldn’t stop,

The towels were sopping, the basement didn’t dry.

That summer, we raced up the stairs, most nights.


With dripping wet towels and saturated rugs,

Like the tub ran over, because it wasn’t unplugged,

Were we in a flood plain? Had the foundation cracked?

Or was “Year of the flood,” in the Farmer’s almanac?


No matter, the cause for the extreme thunderstorms.

Maytag came to visit, and how great, they performed!

They shine, and they smile, and they sing and beep.

Maytag man may be lonely, but . . . I can now sleep.


Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County's Family Week Foundation. Email her at Director@jacksoncountyfamilyweek.org.