Kansas City Chiefs fans should soon have a chance to buy old seats from Arrowhead Stadium.

Jackson County has hired a St. Louis company, Schneider Industries, to handle selling some of the roughly 30,000 upper deck seats that were replaced earlier this year. Schneider Industries was one of three companies to bid for the project.

The Chiefs first preseason game is at home next Saturday, and Schneider suggested to the county that it would use that time to begin its marketing efforts.

The company is paying the county $75,000 up front, which covers the county’s storage costs up to now. The company also shares half of the profits from the seat sales with the county. The county plans to put that money – projected at more than a quarter of a million dollars if sales are good – into making playgrounds at county parks more accessible and making other park improvements.

“It’s a good deal for the taxpayers,” said County Legislator Dan Tarwater, D-Kansas City.

Nothing at Arrowhead comes cheap, and neither do these seats. Schneider plans to sell four products:

• A double seat with an Arrowhead logo end – $399 (yielding an estimated profit of $263 after costs such as refabrication, boxing up the product and credit card fees). Schneider aims to sell 1,300 of those.

• A single seat with an Arrowhead logo end – $319 (profit of $217). Schneider estimates it will sell about 350 of those.

• A double seat without logo – $299 (profit of $163). There are 1,000 to 3,000 of those.

• A single seat without logo – $199 (profit of $95). There are 500 to 1,000 of those.

The prices include what the county calls “all necessary stand up brackets to create the finished product.” The company also is open to bulk sales.

The prices do not include shipping and handling – $80 to $120 – but the county got the company to agree to let customers pick up the seats themselves at a site in Kansas City.

Schneider Industries works with S&S Seating of Troy, Indiana, which claims extensive experience in the area, selling seats from stadiums across the country.

“S&S Seating has a proven system, which we have perfected over the last twenty years at multiple large-scale stadiums around the county,” the company wrote in its pitch to Jackson County.

When the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis was closed more than a decade ago, the company says it sold 15,000 pairs of seats at $495.