Proposition P is a double win: Animal shelter, more police

Linda Pringle, Independence

To the editor:

Are you going to get out and vote for Prop P this coming Tuesday? The better question could be, why not? It’s truly a win-win for every Independence resident! The city is losing approximately $1.5 million each year on lost online shopping sales tax revenue, and we need those funds to help pay the operating costs at our Regional Animal Shelter and to hire additional police officers.

Last year alone, close to 4,000 animals came through the shelter doors. Approximately 800 were returned to their homes! Have you been to our shelter? It’s a happy place, not dismal, located next to Metropolitan Community Colleges–Blue River on Missouri 78 less than five minutes east of 23rd and 291. It is a beautiful six-year-old building designed specifically as an animal shelter, and the city gets to lease it for $1 per year from the county. It’s a win-win for Independence.

Have you ever lost your pet or had to call Animal Control to pick up a lost dog? Have you ever had to call the Police Department because you needed help? It’s no secret that we need both services.

If you don’t buy items online, it won’t cost you anything. How much do you think you spend shopping online in a year’s time? Currently we are not charged a city sales tax. When Prop P passes, a 2.25% a city sales tax will be added (this is not a double tax), so for every $100 you spend it will cost $2.25. If you spend $1,000 a year it will increase your cost $22.50, so please think of it as a donation to help our pets and police. Had you purchased the items at a brick-and-mortar store, you would have paid the tax without question.

The special use tax money will be split 50/50 between the shelter and the Police Department. There are two oversight committees that will monitor the funds.

Only one question on the ballot so please vote yes this Tuesday, Aug. 6 to support our pets and police



Math on city utility bill doesn’t make sense


Randy Odell, Independence

To the editor:

A lot of folks have been complaining about billing problems with city of Independence utilities. Many are concerned about being charged for paying online or with a credit card. That is not my concern, however. I am not concerned about the rate we are charged being too high either. However, my concern is that it does not make any sense to me.

I received a letter from the city saying I have been placed on the “Levelized Pay Plan” and that there are certain things that would remove me from that plan. I have been on “levelized” billing with them for at least 35 years. I have never missed a full payment of what is on my bill. I write a check and mail it in on time every month. The letter goes on to say: “Must pay level pay amount every month, need $384.04 to catch up.”

I waited until I got my next bill before I sent them a check.

On my next bill it said I had paid $201 last month and had a balance of $22.03. For this month’s payment I was billed just $177.00. And get this: There was a “late fee” of $1.10!

How does any of that make sense? And while I am at it, I have always wondered why we mail our bills for the city of Independence to a P.O. box in Kansas City, Mo.