From The Examiner during the week of July 28 to Aug. 2, 1969:

• “CITIZENS PROTEST STREET CONDITION” – The city administration drew sharp criticism last night from two persons on the “poor” condition of streets. E.A. Huffman, a former councilman, and William Nelson Kircher, president of the Citizens Civic Council, each leveled critical blasts. “I am a citizen and taxpayer,” Huffman told Councilman A.W. Lamb, “and I expect an answer.”

• “SPECIFICATIONS READIED FOR REPAIRING STREETS” – Specifications for approximately 45 miles of street improvements are being prepared for city council discussion a week from Monday night, City Manager Lyle Alberg said today. The work will include filling holes and improving the edges of the streets, in addition to asphalt overlay work.

• “CIRCULATORS OF PETITION SET MEETING” – A meeting will be held tonight to instruct persons who are to circulate Blue Summit’s petition for incorporation in methods of circulating the petition and taking census. “The people involved have been quite enthusiastic thus far,” said Jack Terry, city attorney, “and we are shooting for 90 per cent of the taxable inhabitants of Blue Summit to sign.”

From The Independence Examiner during the week of July 28 to Aug. 2, 1919:

• “LABORERS STRIKE, 800” – A strike at the Standard Oil Refinery at Sugar Creek which has been brewing for several weeks took place on a large scale this morning. The number of laborers who stayed off the job was said to be 800. Day laborers have been paid by the company 50 cents an hour, or $4 per day for an eight-hour day. They have demanded $4.60 a day.

• “TO ENDORSE WILSON” – For the express purpose of endorsing President Wilson and the League of Nations the Democratic State Committee has been called to meet at the Planters Hotel in St. Louis August 11. The call was issued this morning and every member of the state committee is urged to be present.

• “NOT REALLY HOT” – According to Col. P. Connor it is not really hot today, it just seems to be hot because of the humidity which is twice as great as it was a few days ago. The thermometer went to 96 yesterday and may go as high today. Col. Connor continued by saying no rain is in sight.

• “DROUTH IS BROKEN” – A fine rain lasting several hours fell over this section last night. It was general over Kansas and Western Missouri and was worth millions of dollars to the corn crop which has begun to need rain badly.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox