From The Examiner during the week of Aug. 4-9, 1969:

• “SPORTS COMPLEX GOES AHEAD WITH SIGNING OF AGREEMENTS” – Amid a sea of happy faces, three long-anticipated agreements were signed Saturday morning at the Jackson County Courthouse in Independence. One agreement was with a contractor for construction of two stadiums at the Jackson County Sports Complex site for roughly $29 million. The other two agreements were with the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs, calling for 25-year leases, plus 10-year options.

• “P.O. STATION WILL BE NAMED FOR MR. TRUMAN” – The new post office station to be built on a site at 32nd and Noland Road will be named for former President Harry S. Truman. It’s the tenth U.S. post office to be named after a president. “This is a fitting tribute to a distinguished American who served as President our nation,” Postmaster General Winton M. Blount said at the announcement in Washington.

From The Independence Examiner Aug. 4-11, 1919:

• “PLANT CLOSING DOWN” (Monday, Aug. 4) – Nothing whatever had been done at noon today in the matter of settling the strike of the employees of the Standard Oil refinery at Sugar Creek. Meanwhile the big three million dollar plant is gradually shutting down, automatically, by reason of the quitting of the different forces of men and not because of any formal order of the company. The plan of the company, apparently, is to let the strike wear itself out. The company has offered no compromises, and made no overtures to the men to go back to work, nor has it undertaken, so far as can be learned, to put new men in place of the strikers. The number of men who are out is about 1100. The stills are cooling off, and the smoke is ceasing to come out of the big smokestacks.

• “TO VOTE ON STRIKE” (Saturday, Aug. 9) – Members of Local Union 363, striking employees of the Standard Oil Company at Sugar Creek have been called to meet at 8 o’clock tonight in their hall over the Bank of Sugar Creek to vote whether they will continue to strike or go back to work. The voting is to be by ballot, to allow the men entire freedom of action.

• “STRIKE TO CONTINUE” (Monday, Aug. 11) – The strike of the laborers at Sugar Creek is to continue according to the vote taken Saturday night.

• “MISS SMITH, POSTMASTER” – Miss Frances Smith has received official appointment as postmistress of the office at Blue Springs. Miss Smith has been serving as postmistress since the resignation of A.C. Hall, January 1. She had no previous experience in the work, but has made a most efficient official.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox