A former Kansas City Chiefs football player who was Tased twice while struggling with officers during his latest arrest faces federal gun charges.

Saousoalii “Junior” Siavii, 40, of Independence, has been charged in federal court in Kansas City with three counts of being an unlawful drug users in possession of firearms. He remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing.

According to court documents, Siavii has been arrested three times while in possession of both illegal drugs and loaded guns. Under federal law, it is illegal for anyone who is an unlawful drug user to be in possession of any firearms or ammunition.

The latest arrest happened Saturday in Independence, after officers responded to a parking lot on U.S. 40 when a witness said he located his friend’s stolen 2017 Jeep Wrangler. The witness told police he saw a man later identified as Siavii getting out of the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

Officers contacted Siavii, who disregarded their commands, according to court documents, and an officer deployed his Taser on Siavii, who is 6-foot-5 and weighs approximately 330 pounds. He fell to the ground and began to resist as officers tried to gain control, and began pushing him up off the ground, at which time a loaded 9mm pistol fell directly in front of him within his reach.

An officer drew his weapon and put it to Siavii’s back, due to him not being under physical control, while another officer grabbed Siavii’s firearm and threw it several feet away. Officers continued to fight with Siavii, giving him commands to stop resisting and to place his hands behind his back, and one officer deployed his Taser on Siavii again with little effect. Siavii was able to get on top of the officer, who was on the ground at this point. Another officer was eventually able to put Siavii in a neck restraint and render him unconscious long enough to handcuff him. Siavii continued to resist even after being handcuffed.

Officers searched Siavii’s backpack and found additional ammunition, 5.2 grams of methamphetamine, 12.2 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Court documents cite two more incidents in which Siavii was arrested while in possession of illegal drugs and firearms.

On Aug. 4, Independence police officers were dispatched to the area of U.S. 24 and Jennings Road on a stolen auto. A 2019 Chevrolet Silverado had been stolen in Sugar Creek, and was being tracked by On-Star to the parking lot of the Great Western Motel. When officers arrived, Siavii was walking away from the stolen vehicle and started to run away when he saw the officers and then tried to fight off arrest.

Siavii was lying on his stomach and constantly reached toward his waistband. When officers finally took him into custody and rolled him to his side, a loaded handgun was underneath him. Officers searched Siavii and found 4.4 grams of meth, then searched the stolen Silverado and found a .32-caliber handgun and drug paraphernalia.

On April 7, Independence officers attempted a traffic stop in the area of U.S. 24 and Lee’s Summit Road on a silver Ford Fusion for an improperly registered license plate. The vehicle, driven by Siavii, had been observed at a known drug house. Siavii failed to stop, and during the ensuring pursuit, his vehicle reached speeds up to 101 mph. Siavii’s vehicle eventually left the road on Maywood Avenue, and he tried to run away but was located by officers. Officers found a loaded .22-caliber handgun in the front cup holder of the vehicle. They also found 3.8 grams of marijuana, two baggies that contained some meth, ammunition and drug paraphernalia.

The complaint also notes two earlier incidents in which Siavii possessed illegal drugs when he was stopped by police officers. He was arrested on Jan. 17, 2019, following a traffic stop. According to court documents, when Siavii got out of his vehicle he pulled away from officers, causing the officers to take him to the ground where he continued to resist. Officers searched him and found a Xanax pill; they also found a prescription bottle that belonged to another person and contained more pills and marijuana. Siavii also was arrested on April 21, 2018, for driving under the influence. According to court documents, he had a straw that contained cocaine residue.

Siavii, a native of American Samoa who played collegiately at the University of Oregon, played in 26 games with the Chiefs in 2004-05. After knee surgery in 2006 and two more years out of football, he played in 16 games with the Dallas Cowboys in 2009 and 14 games with the Seattle Seahawks in 2010. He retired after the Seahawks cut him before the 2011 season.