A former Blue Springs High School student who had been banned from school property has been charged with carrying a loaded and stolen gun onto school property last week.

Jackson County prosecutors charged Charles “Wyatt” Kozloski, 19, of Grain Valley, with unlawful use of a weapon and stealing a gun. He allegedly took a gun from his sister's boyfriend and had it with him at the end of the school day in the parking lot of Centennial Pool-Plex, across the street from Blue Springs High School.

According to court documents, at about 2:10 p.m. Aug. 21 a school resource officer at the high school received a report of a man in the swimming pool parking lot with a gun in his waistband. The Pool-Plex area is part of school district property and is used for additional parking and some classes.

Blue Springs Police located Kozloski as he was getting into the passenger side of a car in the parking lot, and the officer noticed as Kozloski pulled the gun from his waistband and put it into the glovebox. When police found the gun, it had seven rounds in the magazine but no round chambered.

According to court documents, when police arrested Kozloski for having the gun on school grounds, he lied about his name to hide a probation violation warrant. Kozloski had been banned from the school burglary at the high school when he was a student, and the car belonged to his brother – who is also banned from school property.

The next day, a man reported to Blue Springs Police that he believed the gun Kozloski had was stolen from him. The man said he was living with Kozloski's older sister and Kozloski had been living with them, but they planned to move to Warrensburg soon and Kozloski would not be coming with them. He said when he returned from taking some items to Warrensburg, his gun was not in its storage box. The serial number on the box matched that on Kozloski's gun.

Kozloski told police he regularly carries the gun and that it belongs to his sister. When told the gun was reported stolen, he said he took the gun without permission but it wasn't stolen. Kozloski said there wasn't a round in the chamber, the gun had stayed in its holster until he put it into the glove box and he had no intention to hurt anyone. Kozloski said he didn't know he was not allowed on school property, adding that he had been sent to an alternative school after being part of the burglary at the school as a juvenile.

Prosecutors requested a $20,000 bond.