A Blue Springs man accused of repeatedly violated a protection order with hundreds of calls and messages to a woman is now in jail facing numerous charges.

Ronald Hammond, 36, faces nine charges each of stalking and violating a protection order. He is in the Jackson County jail on $300,000 cash bond.

According to court documents, his victim told police last week that Hammond had called or messaged her for several weeks – so much that she lost count after 250, she said. The couple had separated in January, and the court served Hammond with a protection order on Aug. 6.

When police talked with Hammond on the phone and told him to stop calling, he said he would kill the woman, then kill the officer.

While police talked to the victim, Hammond tried to reach her repeatedly through Facebook messenger. Police told him to stop contacting in violation of the protection order, at which point he allegedly taunted the officer, saying “I don't (care). Are you going to stop me? No. You going to catch me?”

Among the numerous messages Hammond allegedly sent on one day: “I'm enjoy taking ur life,” “U think I'm scared of jail lol I'll do life just to put my hands around your neck,” “u really think u going to police will stop me” and “Just know ur days are number on this earth I will take you out.”

In his messages or calls, Hammond talked about killing the victim, his children, her boyfriend and her parents, police officers and the judge who signed court papers. When an Excelsior Springs Police officer contacted Hammond regarding a threat me made to the victim's parents, he said “Die pig die.”

According to court documents, Hammond's criminal history includes assault on law enforcement officers and domestic violence. He was arrested late last week.