The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside Independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include:

Panara Bread, 605 NE Coronado Drive, inspected Aug. 7.

• There was accumulation of dust on the fans in the walk-in cooler.

ChinaTown Cafe, 756 W. U.S. 40., inspected Aug. 7.

• Chilis were being stored in an opened can. Corrected. Manager discarded the can of chilis.

• There was a bug inside of the sliced onions on the make table. Corrected. Manager discarded the entire pan of onions.

• The can opener had accumulation of food residue on the blade. Corrected.

• There were clean dishes stored in a dirty container. Corrected.

• Cutting boards on the make table have staining.

• Fans in the walk-in cooler have an accumulation of dust.

• Gasket on the vegetable reach-in cooler is ripped.

• Establishment failed to provide valid handler’s cards for 10 employees.

Conoco Food Mart, 1501 W. U.S. 40, inspected Aug. 8. No violations recorded

Minit Mart Blue Springs, 1900 W. U.S. 40, inspected Aug. 8. No violations recorded.

Dollar General Store, 1800 S.W. U.S. 40, inspected Aug. 8.

• There was a large amount of trash and debris on the ground around the dumpsters.

• There was an accumulation of trash and debris in the parking lot and grassy areas.

• The floor near the milk coolers had black build-up and white milky/chalky debris under the coolers.

• There was trash and debris on the floors in multiple locations throughout the store.

• There was dry food residue and debris in the base of the reach-in coolers.

• There was water on the floor under the coolers. The manager stated that this only happens on rainy days.

Sonic Drive-in, 515 NE Coronado Drive, inspected Aug. 12.

• The ice machine had a black build up inside. Re-inspection is required.

• There were dirty soda nozzles on the soda fountain. Corrected. There were dirty dishes stored with clean dishes. Corrected.

• Establishment had dirty walls, ceilings, and ceiling vents. There was ice build up on the floor in the freezer.

• Establishment failed to provide valid food handler cards for 24 employees. Correct by Sept. 5.

Wingstop, 481 N.E. Coronado Drive, inspected Aug. 12.

• The sanitizer solution was too strong and was reading over 400 ppm. Corrected.

• Failed to provide valid food handler permits for 15 employees.

• French fries were held at room temperature above a tub of ice. Manager did not have any written procedures for using time and the fries were at 58 degrees F on the top layer. Corrected. Manager discarded the fries and will start holding fries in reech cooler until he puts together written procedures for using time.

The Parkway Senior Living – Assisted Living, 550 N.E. Napoleon Drive, inspected Aug. 13.

• Ice scoops were stored in a container of standing water.

• Towels were being used in multiple areas to store utensils and equipment on. Corrected.

The Parkway Senior Living – Memory Care, 550 N.E. Napoleon Drive, inspected Aug. 13.

• A can was damaged. Corrected. Can was discarded.

• Dish rack had a build up of food debris.

The Parkway Senior Living – Independent Living, 550 N.E. Napoleon Drive, inspected Aug. 13.

• Towels were used in multiple areas as storage surfaces. Corrected.

Responders Grill and Bar, 2003 N.W. Missouri 7, inspected Aug. 13.

• Raw chicken was being stored above ground beef in the walk-in cooler. Corrected. Chicken was moved.

• A spray bottle of chemical cleaner was unlabeled. Corrector. The spray bottle was immediately labeled to indicate the contents.

• Multiple reach-in coolers did not have thermometers.

• The hand sink in the kitchen and bar did not have handwashing signs. Corrected.

• Shelving throughout the kitchen had a build-up of food storage, especially under the slicer.

Ronda’s Elite Dance Acro Center, 2901 W. U.S. 40, inspected Aug. 14.

• There was no soap available at the hand washing sink, only hand sanitizer. Corrected.

The Blue, 2401 N.W. Ashton Drive, inspected Aug. 14.

• There were two packages of hot dogs in reach-in cooler that were not dated with/open or discard date. Corrected. Food was discarded.

• There was a lot of frost on food in the reach-in freezer.

Legend of Asia, 1853 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected Aug. 15.

• Raw meats being prepped and handled alongside with fresh vegetables. Corrected.The owner discarded the vegetables that had come in contact with raw meats.

• Multiple boxes of frozen foods and a tray of frozen raw meat was stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer.