Steve Kellogg



To the editor:

Thanks to Senator Blunt’s Kansas City staff for meeting with the Friends Committee for National Legislation Independence advocacy team.

We shared appreciation for his affirmation that even persons who have not yet been born are already people with potential, not just potential people, and introducing a resolution supporting peace and stability in Colombia which peacefully ended its 50-year conflict with the FARC.

They graciously acknowledged our request that he extend those recognitions of the sanctity of humanity and peaceful ending of conflicts by supporting legislation (SJ13, and current House approved NDAA amendments) to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which leaves open to interpretation the authority of the executive branch to wage war without further congressional approval.

While in previous visits the staff affirmed that Senator Blunt does not want to tie the president’s hands in defending the nation, we shared that repeal of the AUMF does not prevent the president from defending the nation; it only requires that Congress authorize extended warfare.

It is time for we the people, through Congress, to decide when warfare will be used as an instrument of foreign policy.