From The Examiner during the week of Sept. 2-6, 1969:

• “RANDALL RAPS WARREN COURT” – Rep. William J. Randall, speaking at the U.S. Constitution Week observance of the Independence Pioneers Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution here yesterday, centered his remarks not on the work of the original framers, but on “what the Warren Supreme Court has done to our Constitution.” “The Warren Court has left a legacy of constitutional permissiveness that has directly contributed to a loosening of the cement which has held our American society together,” he declared. Randall said the hope is that a reconstituted court, under Chief Justice Warren Burger, “will proceed to undo and set aright much of this condition of chaos while there is still time.”

• “CHILDREN SMOKING PROBED IN LUMBER COMPANY FIRE” – Children smoking cigarettes may have ignited a fire at the Harriman Lumber Co., 9900 U.S. 24, late yesterday afternoon, which caused between $7,000 and $10,000 damage. Investigators were looking into the possibility of the fire having been started by several 10-year-old children who had been seen smoking in the area several hours before the extra-alarm fire broke out.

• “NEW COURTHOUSE WORK TO BEGIN EARLY IN ’70” – Work on the new county courthouse building in Independence should start in about five months. It will be four stories high and will cost an estimated $1,250,000 to be provided by bond money. Plans are for the county eventually to abandon use of the old courthouse on the square.

From The Independence Examiner during the week of Sept. 1-6, 1919:

Having triumphed in World War I months earlier, President Woodrow Wilson made an unsuccessful push for the U.S. to join the League of Nations.

• “PEOPLE FOR TREATY.” – Great crowds greeted President Wilson on the first day of his speaking tour. At Indianapolis last night the crowd was greater than could be accommodated and heard the President gladly. “The treaty will be accepted. I have never doubted that fact. … Do you know the world is waiting on America today? The peoples wait on us. America today is the only nation fully trusted by the peoples everywhere and we will tell them so.”

• “PRES. STOPPED HERE.” – A few people who went to the Chicago & Alton station at 7 o’clock this morning to see the President’s train go by were rewarded by a personal greeting from the Chief and a brief glimpse of Mrs. Wilson. The special train was stopped here for 40 minutes so that the arrival in Kansas City might be timed to fit the program arranged there. The Presidential party was at breakfast and the President generously came to the rear platform and shook hands with those who came to the car and expressed words of greeting. Mrs. Wilson came to the platform, bowed and hurried back into the car.

• “WELCOME PRESIDENT.” (an editorial) – President Wilson was the guest of Jackson County for a few hours this morning. … President Wilson has the confidence of the people of this country as no other president ever enjoyed. They believe him to be honest and earnest and able. … The Peace Treaty including the League of Nations will be ratified.