A Kansas City man shot by Independence Police as he allegedly hit police cars and fled from the scene of reported prowlers now faces a federal charge.

A federal grand jury in Kansas City has indicted Isaiah Fulson-Dewberry, 27, with one count of felony firearm possession. Police captured him after a short high-speed chase the morning of Sept. 1. Fulson-Dewberry faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

According to court documents, Fulson-Dewberry hit two police cars twice with a pickup truck and swerved toward an officer as he escaped an apartment complex parking lot that morning, causing one officer fearing for his life to fire 10 rounds into the driver's side of the truck.

The incident started about 8:45 a.m. that morning, when officers responded to the Pepperwood Apartments behind Centerpoint Medical Center on reported prowlers. Two officers entered from opposite sides of the complex, at which time a red Chevrolet Avalanche started to pull out of a parking spot, then backed into the grass and went forward again, ramming one officer's car.

Two passengers, a white woman and black man, got out of the truck and ran away. Police are still trying to identify them.

The truck backed up again, hitting a parked vehicle and pushing it into another parked vehicle, then rammed the first officer's car a second time, backed up and clipped the second officer's car and then hit the front of that car, pushing it. The second officer was outside his car and said the truck served at him. Fearing for his life, he fired 10 times into the driver's side of the truck.

The ensuing chase went west through the popular commercial and retail area on 39th Street, and Fulson-Dewberry drove the truck onto the shoulder to pass vehicles at high speed. He also ran red lights and nearly hit two vehicles when he drove into oncoming traffic.

Fulson-Dewberry then turned south on Lee's Summit Road and tried to take the entrance ramp for westbound Interstate 70 but went too fast and spun out into the ditch. He threw a gun into the grass as he started to run away, but was quickly captured because of a gunshot injury.

Police said Fulson-Dewberry's left calf had a through-and-through wound and a bullet lodged in his right calf. He was treated at the hospital and released to custody. A police dog found the loaded gun in the grass.

Fulson-Dewberry later told police he had picked up the two passengers at the QuikTrip at I-70 and Noland Road and driven them to the apartment complex. He said he had bought the truck for $300 to $400 and assumed it was stolen when he bought it. Fulson-Dewberry said he had fled police because he was scared and had just spent 11 months in prison for fleeing and had done 24 months in prison for a drug case. He said he didn't see any gun until he picked up the two people, and then during the chase he saw the gun at his feet and picked it up and threw it.

According to court documents, Kansas City Police were investigating an Aug. 31 carjacking in which the victim had been shot in the face with a same-caliber gun as the one found at the end of the chase. The victim identified Fulson-Dewberry from a photo lineup as the shooter.

Fulson-Dewberry had also been in a high-speed chase with Independence Police on Aug. 2. Officers found methamphetamine, cocaine and narcotics packaging materials in his vehicle in that incident.

With prior felony convictions for drug possession (July 2016) and property theft (March 2017), Fulson-Dewberry is not permitted to possess a gun or ammunition.

According to court records, Fulson-Dewberry also faces state charges for unlawful possession and resisting arrest in 2017 and burglary in 2018 in Kansas City.