How do you calm a hyper Pomeranian?

I had never met a Pomeranian until Josh brought one home last year. I’ve learned the hard way about potty training, teething and calming a Pom.

Mocha, our year old Pomeranian, has been a learning curve for us.

Of course, special needs Kelsey loves Mocha, and her spinning and twirling.

My son Josh also lives with me, too, only part of the year. The other half of the year, he runs between LA, New York, Utah, and Hawaii.

Josh even took a cruise, which I am a bit jealous of.

Anyway, the Pomeranian belongs to Josh, and she is his responsibility.

Lately, Josh has taken Mocha on the plane to LA, with him.

I had no idea you could purchase a ticket, and take your dog, on the plane. Josh takes Mocha in a small travel cage and places her under his seat.

Grandpa would roll over in his grave. He wouldn’t believe that dogs are allowed to travel on planes. Grandpa always said that dogs belong outside, never in the house, especially one with energy like Mocha.

Anyway, according to, if you want to calm a Pomeranian, do the following:

“Being able to calm a Pomeranian is definitely no small feat, but there are times that we need our Pomeranians to take a breather and relax.

Arguably the most effective and inexpensive method is to simply put your Pomeranian in a safe, comfortable, familiar, and isolated environment where they can’t actually see anyone. A good place would be a bedroom.”

Yep, that is Mocha’s favorite place, in her cage in Josh’s room. Unless she is teething, she could be anywhere in the house, chewing on wood, plastic or paper.

I’ve had a square wood and glass coffee table for 21 years. When we moved to Missouri we moved into a larger home than we had in Arizona.

We had no furniture in the living room but our piano. Then, slowly, we filled the room with furniture.

These were nice furnishings, until Mocha’s first teething toy was my coffee table.

Whenever I caught Mocha teething, I’d scream, “JOSH, Mocha is eating my furniture”.

He’d come running down the stairs, snatch up Mocha, and take her back up to his room.

When I hollered, “Who’s going to fix my table?” He responded, “I’ll buy you a new one.”

Well, do you know where I went the next day? I drove to every furniture store within 25 miles.

Think about it. When you have eight kids, it’s hard to afford furniture. Clothes and food are big expenses. Then, add on braces, sports, dance, laundry, health insurance, and the list goes on.

Furniture is always at the bottom of the list.

However, because of dear sweet Mocha, I was getting a new coffee table, and I couldn’t wait.

May I conclude with a poem?


Mocha is a lively girl

She’s full of spunk and vigor

But when she chewing on the wood,

I’m glad she’s not much bigger.


I scream to Josh, “Come get the dog!”

She’s eating, everything in sight.

He snatches her up, and climbs the stairs,

Soon enough, she’s running loose, all night.


Then it hits me, my stuff is really old,

And Josh will replace what she bites,

Go get it, my sweet Pomeranian

Chew it with all your might!


Diane Mack is coordinator of Putting Families First, Jackson County's Family Week Foundation. Email her at