When Marty and Dennis Meyers were growing up in Carrollton, Mo., their father gave them some advice that became a way of life for the two brothers who are such an important part of the Blue Springs community.

“My dad had an eighth-grade education,” Marty Meyers said, as he sat in his office at Meyers Funeral Chapel, which he and his wife Kim founded in 2006.

“Dad said if you take care of people, things will work out for you.”

That has been the motto of the Meyers Funeral Chapel for the past 23 years, and the words the Meyers brothers live by.

“If Marty or Dennis give you their word, that’s as good as gold,” said Tony Wrisinger, co-founder of Sideliner Sports. “We have been proud business partners with the Meyers brothers for 15 of 16 years, but more importantly, our family trusted their family when my father passed away in 2009.”

“Their ceremony was perfect. It was beautiful. In fact, my mom still talks about ‘all the nice people’ at Meyers Funeral Chapel,’ and my father was a military man, and Marty played ‘Taps’ on the bugle at his funeral. It still gives me chills to think about that moment.”

For all they have done for the community of Blue Springs, Mayor Carson Ross named the Meyers family the Citizens of the Year, an honor given by the Truman Heartland Community Foundation, at a gala last Saturday in Kansas City.

“That is the greatest honor anyone could bestow on our family,” said Marty, who shares the honor with his wife Kim, his brother Dennis and Dennis’ wife Julie.

“Our families have been blessed, and the community is so important to us. I don’t know if we are deserving of such a great honor – especially since we were nominated by Mayor Ross – but we’re sure accept it.”

Ross trusted the Meyers family to take care of all the details of the funeral when his wife, Eloise, passed away in August.

“Oh my goodness, First Lady Eloise – what a wonderful lady,” Meyers said. “The only other person I have ever seen take care of his wife – look after her every minute of the day – like Carson did Eloise was the way my dad looked after our mom.

“To have Carson trust us with Eloise’s celebration of life was humbling.”

Meyers Funeral Chapel supports many Blue Springs nonprofit organizations, including Rainbow Center, Blue Springs Rotary, the Community Services League, the Blue Springs Historical Society, St. John LaLande Catholic Church and Blue Springs Downtown Alive.

The Meyers give back to the community in many different ways. Dennis and Julie are active in the historical district of Blue Springs and always willing to help their neighbors with outdoor projects. Marty serves on the board of the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce and is an active member of the Sons of American Legion Post 499, the Knights of Columbus and the Blue Springs Rotary Club.

Kim is a member of the Blue Springs Women’s Civic Club, attends Blue Springs Business League and is on the steering committee for Dazzling Divas, a fundraising event for Cancer Action.

Additionally, the Meyers sponsor little league baseball and football teams and provide scholarship support to high school athletes in Blue Springs in memory of their late nephew Jimmy Meyers through a scholarship for area American Legion baseball players. It’s presented at the annual Wood Bat Invitational at Hidden Valley Park.

“That scholarship is very important to our family,” Meyers said. “It keeps Jimmy’s name alive and helps young men who play baseball, and Jimmy loved baseball.”