A Kansas City man who shot his handgun at a fleeing vehicle, hitting a child inside, faces felony charges that could carry up to 30 years in prison.

Jackson County prosecutors Friday charged Maurice Webb, 27, with unlawful use of a weapon, armed criminal action and unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with the incident that happened about 2:30 p.m. Thursday near 22nd and Cedar in western Independence. That’s just north of 23rd Street and just west of Hill Park.

The 5-year-old boy injured was hit in the arm just above the elbow, according to court documents, and police said Thursday the boy was in stable condition.

According to court documents, the shooting took place after a dispute between the parents of another child who was in the vehicle that was shot. The mother said the father took their 18-month-old child without her consent and started to drive away in his Chevrolet Suburban, and a witness said Webb got out of another car and fired several shots at the Suburban as it was leaving.

The Suburban had several bullet holes when police located it a block away from the shooting. Police recovered 10 9mm shell casings at the scene.

A witness said the mother had yelled at Webb to shoot. The man driving the fleeing vehicle said he heard her tell Webb, “Now is the time,” and saw him come up to the Suburban and look inside. Webb said he heard her screaming, “They're taking my son!” and felt in fear for his safety and that an 18-month-old was in danger.

Because Webb was on probation, police used his ankle monitor to track him to the Buffalo Wild Wings in the Zona Rosa shopping district, where he was arrested. Webb said he knew, being a felon, he wasn't allowed to have a gun and that he didn't know how many shots he fired or that he hit a child inside the vehicle with a shot. Police found a 9mm handgun in his car.

According to court records, Webb was on probation and had a suspended seven-year sentence after pleading guilty to an assault case in Kansas City in 2017. He also has a prior felony conviction for theft.