Work is underway to restore and move the old Pioneer Spring Cabin in Independence. It’s a good outcome for something that had briefly blown up into a minor controversy last year.

The cabin has sat for decades near the Sermon Center at Noland and Truman roads. Its actual historic value doesn’t compare with any number of other sites in the city, but it’s beloved, it’s a public asset and it needs more than a little TLC.

It’s taken time to work everything out. City Council Member Curt Dougherty deserves credit for pressing for something to be done. The Jackson County Historical Society deserves credit for raising some money to help offset the cost of restoration. And the city caught a break on cost when it put the relocation and restoration out to bid.

The cabin is being moved to the grounds of the National Frontier Trails Museum – a good fit – and used for display there. More people will be able to see and touch it. It’s a win for the community.