From The Examiner during the week of Oct. 6-12, 1969:

• “METRO CENTER PROPOSED” – A multi-million dollar metro shopping center to be built at 39th Street and Bolger Road on the scale of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City was recommended for approval last night by the planning commission. The 55¾ acre site is less than a quarter mile west of U.S. 71 Bypass. This is the second large shopping center site to be approved by city officials in recent months. A multi-million dollar center has been proposed for north of Glendale Gardens and west of U.S. 71 Bypass.

• “LIPTON PLANT EXPANDS” – Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., is currently expanding a section of its plant here for the purpose of increasing its capacity to produce Lipton Instant Tea and Lipton Flavored Iced Tea Mixes. The plan was constructed in 1962 and is famous as being the home of Wish-Bone Salad Dressings.

• “CITY COUNCIL COMMENDED” – A bill was introduced before the city council last night aimed at prohibiting “glue sniffing.” The proposed ordinance not only provides penalties for the “glue sniffer” but places strict prohibitions on the sale and possession of glues containing solvents that release toxic vapors. “I cannot think of a more needed, or more important law,” wrote Mrs. Lee Roy Schulenberg, vice president of the Missouri Congress of Parents and Teachers, in a letter commending the council’s action.

From The Independence Examiner during the week of Oct. 6-12, 1919:

• “REFUSED POOL HALLS.” – The county court in Kansas City yesterday refused two applications for pool hall licenses at Sugar Creek. A majority of the citizens had signed remonstrances declaring that they considered such places in their town a nuisance.

• “BARREL MANY APPLES” – Two Kansas City men have bought five large orchards in the vicinity of Blue Springs, from which they expect to pick 7,000 barrels of apples. A force of men is now at work. The trees in these orchards are well loaded, according to E.A. Baldwin, who stopped at The Examiner office the other afternoon to offer as proof a limb two feet long loaded down with seventy-three fine apples.

• “BITS OF GENERAL NEWS” – The favorable trend of President Wilson’s condition continued today and there were indications that those attending him thought he might be definitely on the road to recovery.

• “HOW MISSOURI STANDS” (an editorial) – There is no doubt about the position a great majority of the people of Missouri regarding the Peace Treaty as it stands, including the League of Nations. Almost to a man they believe in a League of Nations and are impatient at the delay in Washington. … The treaty will be approved by the United States Senate. There will be no amendments.