The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside Independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Grain Valley include the following:

Grain Valley North Middle School Concessions, 31608 N.E. Pink Hill road, inspected Sept. 11. No violations.

Comfort Inn, 210 N.W. Jefferson St., inspected Sept. 13. No violations.

Sni-a-Bar Elementary, 701 S.W. Eagles Pkwy, inspected Sept 19.

• Inside ice machine had a slimy residue. Corrected on site.

• Chemical bottle stored on rack with clean dishes and on prep table. Corrected on site.

Grain Valley High School indoor concessions, 551 S.W. Eagles Pkwy, inspected Sept. 20.

• Inside the fridge there was a gallon of milk that was past due. Employee discarded the milk.

Grain Valley High School football concessions, 551 S.W. Eagles Pkwy, inspected Sept. 20.

• There were dishes stored on cloth towels for drying. Corrected.

Lin’s Kitchen, 111 S.W. Eagles Pkwy, inspected Sept. 20.

• The can opener had an excessive buildup of food debris on the blade. Corrected on site.

• The floors behind the grill had an abundance of grease.

• The sides of the reach-in cooler next to the fryer had a heavy build up of grease.

• The wall behind the fryer had a buildup of grease which led to and covered the outlet.

• Inside the walk-in freezer there was half a dozen frozen egg rolls touching the packaging of frozen raw meat.

El Maguey Mexican Restaurant, 102 Buckner-Tarsney Road, inspected Sept. 20.

• One of the soda machines had an accumulation of residue buildup on the nozzles.

• A cook was observed washing hands with gloves on. Corrected on site.

• There were two boxes of tortillas and two crates of milk stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler.

Cheezteak Company, 1452 S.W. Eagles Parkway, inspected Sept. 24.

• There was chicken stored above steaks in the reach-in freezer. Corrected on site.

• Multiple reach-in coolers and reach-in freezer had accumulations of dried food debris. Repeat.

• the front door entrance was being held open. Corrected.

Price Chopper, 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected Sept 19.

• A container of berries marked for discard on Sept. 14. It was past its discard date. Corrected on site; manager discarded food.

Grain Valley High School baseball concessions, 551 S.W. Eagles Parkway, inspected Sept. 20. No violations recorded.

Sushi Avenue, 1191 N.E. McQuerry Road, inspected Sept. 19.

• There was a chemical bottle not labeled. Corrected on site.