Marvin Sands


To the editor:

Next year, Independence will hold elections for the four primary City Council positions. Currently holding these positions are John Perkins in District 1, Curt Doughtery in District 2, Scott Roberson in District 3 and Tom Van Camp in District 4.

Candidates can begin filing Oct. 28. At this point Perkins and Van Camp have indicated they will file. Doughtery and Roberson have not said whether they will seek re-election. Doughtery has danced around this tune in previous election years, and this one appears to be no different.

Serving on any city council requires a generous amount of time, interest and dedication to the task. Independence needs dedicated people who will step up and serve diligently in one of these upcoming positions. Doing so should never be taken lightly. It should be taken with a sincere and positive force and one that the candidate will serve in a serious manner and with a “genuine sense of honor.”

Currently two individuals haven’t figured out what that “genuine sense of honor” means. Curt Doughtery and Tom Van Camp just don’t seem to get it. They seem more interested in themselves and what they can get out of sitting in their respective chairs than serving the best interests of their constituents and the greater good of Independence.

Both have demonstrated extremely selfish and self-interested tendencies, even going so far as to be extremely arrogant when questioned about their votes on issues and what they support or what they haven’t supported. This is not what is expected from any member of any city council.

New candidates need to step forward and offer much better choices on how to get things done and done in a cooperative spirit. It’s time for these two gentlemen to move on and find something else to do and leave the seriousness of the Independence City Council to others who have a more genuine interest in the affairs of our city than personal rewards.