A border crossings exhibit by regional artist Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia is on display at Midwest Genealogy Center, 3440 S. Lee's Summit Road, Independence.
The exhibit, which consists of objects gathered from various crossings along the U.S.-Mexico border, is just inside the Genealogy Center entrance. Garcia, who became an American citizen last year and manages a gallery in Kansas City's Crossroads district geared toward artists of color, crossed the border with his family when he was 7 years old. To compile his exhibit, he spent two months walking along the entire border, crossing back and forth along the way and trying to minimize contacts with Border Patrol guards as he selected various objects lost or left behind.
“It's one thing to see it in the news or what we hear about,” Garcia said. “I really wanted to have this subject matter and current events looked at differently, really humanizing the narrative.”
“I was really looking into the migrant trails and what they meant. They begin to have their own story. What is left behind, most of the population would look at as trash. I wanted to present it in a way that wouldn't be forceful, to provide information and build an appreciation.”
– Mike Genet