I was a proud mom, holding the leashes of the two pups, sitting so quietly while I talked to my neighbor. Who knew their little teeth could chew through the leash so quickly?

Luckily the 4-month-old old lab pups already knew the word treat, so I didn’t have to chase them over the 10 acres to get them back inside after Duke chewed through his leash in a matter of minutes. No wonder he was so quiet. Daisy apparently was on supervision for human interruption because she was just sitting there watching.

Every time I go to the store I’m roaming through the pet aisle trying to find a toy they can’t destroy and that will entertain them for more than 10 minutes. They’ve chewed through two dog beds, and, had to unzip them to get the stuffing out. Yes, our pups are overachievers and not only know how to unzip but can break through a baby gate.

Only a serious dog owner is willing to cut a quarter off the top of an oak wooden door to keep pups in their area but can still feel safe by hearing voices in the other room. Of course this is the same man who built stairs for our senior dogs so they could still sleep with him in bed. He has since bolted down an end table, coat rack and their water bowl just so the pups can be part of the family without destroying everything we own.

Walking the pups on the 10 acres isn’t for the faint at heart as I’ve had to fish out raccoon poop, a dead, slimy and smelly rodent, acorns, pinecones and sticks out of their mouths. Luckily I’m quicker on the leash than they are on rolling on their backs or they would have needed baths after each walk, as they think they need to roll in the poop if it doesn’t belong to them.

The dogs are giving me more exercise than I’ve had in a while as the walks are really sprints as they race from smell to smell. It’s a new adventure for them every time we go outside of their fenced in area. We are now also early risers as they start pounding on the sawed off wooden door at the break of dawn - if they’re awake, everyone is awake.

As I write this the pups are playing, aka fighting, in the living room and have knocked into the bolted-down end table at least five times and are apparently now fighting on the couch as it sounds as though someone is trying to break down the wall.

We have questioned ourselves if perhaps getting puppies wasn’t the best idea (at this age is what I want to say although I don’t want to sound old). Just as soon as we think it’s just too much, the pups calm down and want to cuddle, lick and lay on our laps.

Our quiet life has gone to the dogs. and we love every minute of it.

Sandy Turner lives in Independence. Email her at sandydownhome@hotmail.com.