The Jackson County Environmental Health Division Inspects sites where food is served outside Independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include:

Golden Eggroll, 1412 S. Missouri 7, inspected Oct. 24.

• A bottle of hydrogen peroxide was stored above dry rice on the dry storage rack. Corrected on site.

• The hood vents had a heavy accumulation of grease buildup.

• The bulk food bins and lids had an accumulation of dry food debris covering the outside.

• Single-service forks, knives, and spoons were stored with the handles laying in all directions.

• The hand sink was supplied only with hand sanitizer. Corrected on site. (repeat)

Pizza Shoppe of Blue Springs, 1105 Main St., inspected Oct 24.

• The hoodvents had an accumulation of dust.

• The men’s restroom did not have a handwashing sign to remind employees to wash hands. Corrected on site.

• The handwashing sink in the server aisle did not have a handwashing sign. Corrected on site.

McDonald's, 920 N.W. U.S. 40, inspected Oct. 25.

• The hood vents had a heavy accumulation of grease build up.

• The ice scoop was stored in the ice machine with the handle touching the ice. Corrected on site.

• There was a collection of food debris and various other debris underneath and behind the CO2 containers. Corrected on site.

• The grease trap had a collection of grease left over from the night before and the CO2 container next to the grease trap had grease splashed on it. Corrected on site.

QuikTrip, 705 S.W. U.S. 40, inspected Oct. 25. No violations found.

Blue Springs High School concession, 2000 N.W. Ashton Drive, inspected Oct. 29. No violations found.

Tuscany Italian Restaurant, 1800 block of S. MO 7, inspected Oct. 29.

• The microwave had an accumulation of food debris. Corrected on site.

• Numerous pans were stored without properly air-drying and had a small amount of water left in them. The owner pulled all of the pans out and ran them through the dishwasher again. Corrected on site.

Blue Springs Xpress Mart, 280 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected Oct. 28.

• A box of single-service cups were stored on the floor in the back room. Corrected on site.