WHAT: Truman High School's music and theater departments present “The Wizard of Oz,” a musical adaptation of the 1939 motion picture film that was based on L. Frank Baum’s 1900 novel. Original motion picture songs by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, with additional songs composed for stage productions, and directed by Ron Meyer.

WHERE: Truman High School, 3301 S. Noland Road, Independence.

WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday

HOW MUCH: Tickets are $8 in advance and $9 at the door. Call 816-521-5350 for reservations.

WHAT'S THE SHOW ABOUT: The teenager Dorothy, feeling misunderstood by her family and threatened by Miss Gulch about her dog, runs away from the family’s farm and meets Professor Marvel. They are interrupted by a twister, and after Dorothy rushes home for shelter she is knocked unconscious, and the house is lifted up and lands in Oz. On her journey to reach the Wizard, and hopefully return home, she is joined by a colorful trio of friends and battles the Wicked Witch, who wants Dorothy’s ruby slippers and to avenge her sister’s death. The adventure, even with good friends, teaches Dorothy that “There’s no place like home.”


Character: actor

Dorothy: Kayla Rowland

Toto: Benny Evans

Auntie Em: Katherine Crew

Uncle Henry: Brock Bristow

Hunk/Scarecrow: Mark Williams

Hickory/Tinman: Tanner Trenary

Zeke/Lion: Andy Mendoza

Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch: Lizzy Deiter

Professor Marvel/Wizard: Dax Hawley

Cyclone characters: Megan Aquino, Cora Benson, Kira Duncan, Alexis Pritchard, Corbin Rasmussen

Glinda: Gabrielle Petentler

Munchkin leaders: Sarah Bumgardner, Lidia Relcarte Madrid, Paige Gonzales, Breana Smith, Arwen Como

Lullaby League: Kaylee Blystone, Abby Graf, Tori Wyatt

Lollipop Guild: Hadley Brillhart, Mia Larsson, Sophie Vickers

Munchkins: Ify Chigbogwu, Shawna Clemons, Daphne Cruz, Annika Dains, Brielle Davies, Krishae Franco, Kaleigh Harger, Kyleigh Hendrix, Carmen Kincheloe, Saylor Leal, Kelly Perea Isternoza, Ella Reinhardt, Marisa Rodriguez, Yazmin Soto, Na’Dykah Tillman, Krysta Warren, Valerie Xayaphet

Crows: Cade Clarke, Mark Daniel, Carson Siebert

Apple trees: Kyleigh Hendrix, Sophie Vickers, Myel White

Optimistic voices: Hadley Brillhart, Andrea Fadler, Brooklynn Leal

Guard: Carson Siebert

Winkie general: Mark Daniel

Nikko: Julian Madrid

Emerald City tappers: Kaylee Blystone, Abby Graf, Breana Smith, Tori Wyatt

Oz citizens, Poppies, Winkies or Flying monkeys: Megan Aquino, Cora Benson, Hadley Brillhart, Brock Bristow, Sarah Bumgardner, Aaron Chafa, Ify Chigbogwu, Cade Clarke, Shawna Clemons, Arwen Como, Daphne Cruz, Annika Dains, Mark Daniel, Brielle Davies, Josh Dixon, Kira Duncan, Andrea Fadler, Krishae Franco, Paige Gonzales, Kaleigh Harger, Kyleigh Hendrix, Isaac Hurlbert, Kelly Perea Isternoza, Carmen Kincheloe, Mia Larsson, Aaliyah LaRue, Brooklynn Leal, Saylor Leal, Julian Madrid, Lidia Relcarte Madrid, Sebastian Manoza, Nate Morton, Cole Mountain, Ellie Owens, Alexis Pritchard, Corbin Rasmussen, Marisa Rodriguez, Carson Siebert, Ayden Smith, Yazmin Soto, Na’Dykah Tillman, Sophie Vickers, Krysta Warren, Myel White, Tori Wyatt, Valerie Xayaphet