Privacy and professionalism are two qualities the Community Services League prides itself on, and each received a major upgrade last Saturday, thanks to a $7,500 grant from the Blue Springs Rotary Club.

More than a dozen Rotarians and other volunteers were on hand at the CSL Blue Springs office, 200 S.W. Tenth St., to build new walls for added privacy and shelves for storage space.

“This is so amazing,” said Melodie Chrisman, CSL vice president of income support and site manager in Blue Springs. “I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve cried this morning.”

“This changes the professional aspect of our office. Because of the new walls and the redesign, folks who come in will have total privacy.”

“I think it is so important for someone to enter our office with their dignity, and to leave our office with their dignity, and they will be able to do that now.”

The Blue Springs office received new shelves, new walls/office spaces, desks and chairs.

“I even got a new desk,” quipped Chrisman, “so now, I don’t have to worry about my desk drawers falling out every time I open one of them. This is just a blessing, a real blessing, and we are all so thankful for the grant from the Rotary Club.”

The $7,750 grant will not only go a long way in giving the office a facelift, it will help those in need feel an extra sense of security when they visit.

“We went through a process when we had the district grant opportunity, we had five selections – the board basically selected three of those, and that was brought to a full club vote and CSL was a near unanimous choice,” said Blue Springs Rotary President Shawn Roderick, who was on hand Saturday helping with the construction of desks, chairs and shelves.

“Melodie is just an amazing person to work with, and we all have so much respect for her and all the good the Community Services League does in, and around, Blue Springs.

“I think that’s why so many volunteers are here today. We want to get this job done, and done the right way.”

And in true Chrisman, fashion, the CSL site manager was quick to add, “The holidays are coming up and we are in desperate need of pie crust, gravy and Stove Top Stuffing.”

“If anyone could drop by and bring some of those items it would be greatly appreciated.”