Like other shelters in the metro, ABF has become overrun with cats. One kitten rescued in one litter just happened to test positive for feline leukemia. This test was done more than once to be certain the kitten had it. Sadly, he does, but ABF doesn’t want to give up on him.

This kitten’s name is Ping. He is a six-month-old, adorable black and white kitten that loves to play. Ping’s prognosis isn’t great. The doctors think he may live a year or two. However, what is most important is what can be packed into that year.

Ping can live in a home as an only cat or live with another feline leukemia cat. He has had two kitten boosters, has been dewormed and will get his rabies vaccination. Ping is neutered and microchipped.

Animals Best Friends is looking for a benevolent individual willing to take Ping into their home. If you do not have a cat or have a cat that is feline leukemia positive and are interested in Ping, please go to our website and complete an application. ABF will be very grateful to the person or family that will take Ping into their home.