Jackson County prosecutors have charged an Independence man with murder and burglary after a September burglary attempt that left one of the would-be burglars dead.

Richard Saettone, 39, faces second-degree murder and burglary charges for the death of Robert Shinneman, 45, of Liberty, during the fatal burglary attempt in the pre-dawn hours of Sept. 22.

The incident happened in an apartment in the 1200 block of South Scott Avenue, near the intersection of Truman Road and Forest Avenue in Independence. According to court documents, police dispatch received a 911 call from a man who said he shot at someone who had kicked in his front door and had a gun pointed at him.

Later, the man told police he heard windows rattling, thought someone would break in, grabbed a gun, pulled the drapes back, said “I've got a gun,” then heard “get down, get down” over his shoulder and turned and shot at a masked man whom he thought had a sub-machine gun, then left the apartment and called police.

Police found the front door damaged and Shinneman dead on the floor, wearing a ski mask and with a gun next to his body. He apparently had been shot in the head. In early October, a source told police Saettone had been involved in the robbery attempt and the apartment had been a place for drug trafficking.

Monday, Saettone told police he and Shinneman had gone to the apartment to rob the place of methamphetamine and cash and Saettone had been the lookout. Saettone said Shinneman had taken too long to breach the door, thus botching the break-in, and he knew was an “accessory” to murder.

Saettone is in federal custody, according to the prosecutor's office.