Cutting bus service is the wrong decision

Carol Farres, Independence

To the editor:

The city of Independence is once again cutting the hours of service for Independence bus. They are not thinking about the people that need this service to get to their doctors, groceries and other shopping. They need to get their money from another source, not the needed buses.



Focus on the positive, and move our city forward

Laurie Dean Wiley, District 2

To the editor:

We are at a pivotal time in decision-making for the future of Independence. My love for my city hasn’t wavered. I don’t always agree or assume the city is always right, but I seek to understand what is going on and take the time to learn about our city’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I choose to get involved and to have dialogue. I care about our city’s current revenue and spending, but I am also focused on where we will be in the future.

Because of our future, I am in support of the Van Trust industrial project. In fact, I am on the Economic Development Committee that reviewed the application and put it through to the City Council for a vote. Some have suggested that these committees are corrupt. I can assure you that I listen, read, study and then make my independent decision on all items discussed.

I serve because I want to help my city through constructive and clearly communicated opportunities. I would be happy to meet anyone who disagrees. I will share my belief system about our city’s future, and hope that you will walk away, not always agreeing, but at least realizing that individual citizens, just like you, volunteer and serve on these committees.

I hope that sharing my support of the Van Trust project will encourage you to educate and decide for yourself how this project can be very good for Independence now, and in the future.

The project would be built on land that needs to be mediated from its current flood state. Van Trust is an industry leader and has a track record of doing things right. They have agreed to appropriately prepare the land. The area has been zoned for residential and industrial use. The roadway was built with industrial growth in mind.

We need industry in Independence. An industrial park will bring jobs and new citizens, and that can bring revenue. Van Trust is a business partner that all citizens should want in Independence. If we do not accept development from an “industry leader,” we will most certainly be left behind other communities just down the road.

As I stated in my letter of April 2019, we each have the new commandment, to love one another, or as it was expressed in that letter to the rditor, to “love the you, next to you.” I believe it IS that simple. Change thinking and action to what benefits the most citizens. I challenge you to consider proposals, ideas, and actions that will bring community growth and economic development through the lens of an Independence truly for all.

We don’t have to continue to call everyone we disagree with corrupt. We are better than the negatives, so today I state my case again for a positive Independence. Allow an industry leader to help Independence move forward and in doing so, you will be loving the you, next to you, again!