From The Examiner during the week of Dec. 1-6, 1969:

• “AREA DESIGNATED FOR INDUSTRIAL PARK SITE” – A plan for development of a 353-acre industrial park site for Independence was adopted yesterday by the urban renewal board. The board’s action for the site – generally between Pacific Street on the north, 23rd Street on the south, Crysler on the west and Osage on the east, and including the Allis Chalmers plant – was hailed by Chamber of Commerce officials as a “gigantic step.” Lauzon Maxwell, Chamber president, said Independence has long need to increase its tax base.

• ”ACTRESS CALM UNDER FIRE” – Perhaps the one quality of Eva Gabor’s that comes across best in a press interview, next to her beauty, of course, is her calm friendliness under fire. The glamorous star of television’s “Green Acres” and countless films flew in from Los Angeles last night and at 10:30 a.m. today will open her first wig boutique at Blue Ridge Mall Shopping Center. “Do you wear wigs, Miss Gabor,” was one question, an ice-breaker. “Why, of course, I do,” she laughed. “Doesn’t everyone?”

From The Independence Examiner during the week of Dec. 1-6, 1919:

The coal strike of November and December 1919 hit the country hard. The Examiner carried little direct news of the strike itself, but 100 years ago this week the paper was full of stories about how Independence was coping.

• “ALL WORK TOGETHER.” (Dec. 2) – Business men of Independence are making arrangements to follow strictly the closing requests made by Mayor Ott. Stores will close this afternoon at 5 o’clock and open in the morning at 8 o’clock. Mayor Ott was at his office wearing an overcoat all morning. A steady stream of people came before him asking for fuel.

• “COAL GOING FAST.” (Dec. 5) – Coal supplies for Independence are at a minimum. The mayor has issued 216 orders for small lots, none over 500 pounds, on the supply offered by the Board of Education. The supply at the Junior High School was exhausted the first day, the Columbian supply the second day, and the Benton school is being tapped today. At a meeting this morning it was decided to have all orders go through Mayor Ott as Fuel administrator.

• “SCOUTS TO CHOP WOOD.” (Dec. 5) – The Boy Scout expeditionary forces into Fonda Forest, three miles from town on the Missouri River Bluffs, to chop wood for the relief of the suffering poor of Independence, will leave the flagpole on the south side of the public square at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. S-h-a-r-p! … There will be commissary stores to provide a good, warm luncheon at noon. Scouts having mess kits and axes should take them along.

• “CUTTING FUEL AND LIGHT.” (Dec. 4) – Kansas City, confronted by a grave crisis in fuel, is making a desperate effort to cut down consumption. Last night at 8 o’clock the great skyscrapers like the Long Building and many others stood like huge black monoliths with scarcely a ray of light, even from any of the private offices in them; and the streets down in the business district were almost as dark and cheerless as tunnels.

– Compiled by Jeff Fox