To our readers:

The Examiner is making a transition, one common to the newspaper industry in recent years.

Beginning with Tuesday’s newspaper, printing will be done in Columbia, Mo., at our sister newspaper, the Columbia Daily Tribune. Gannett, our parent company, has made similar consolidations across the country.

We report, write, photograph, video and edit the local news report here in Eastern Jackson County – and that does not change. We are still deeply embedded in our community even as many production functions are centralized.

The Examiner will look the same, but readers will see a few changes:

• The scheduled home delivery time Tuesday through Friday will be 8 a.m., and the Saturday deadline will be 9 a.m. Most readers now are actually getting their paper considerably earlier than that, and we expect most deliveries still will be made before 7 a.m.

• This change will push up our newsroom deadlines. That means some stories about evening high school games or perhaps a City Council meeting will be posted on our digital formats –, our smartphone app and our morning email newsletter – before getting into a print edition. Our goal will continue to be to serve our readers across all our print and digital platforms.

The local newspaper not only tells a community’s ongoing story but in a modest way is part of that story. So we think it’s fair to state that this is a noteworthy moment in the community. For 121 years our paper has been printed on or near Independence Square. That’s a lot of deadlines and headlines, a lot of papers, a lot of people doing good work year after year.

Like every paper that’s well into its second century, The Examiner has been through many changes. This is another. But the job is the same: Report what’s going on, comment when appropriate, and encourage our readers to do the same. Let’s keep the conversation going.