Voters approved shelter funds, so what gives?

Judy Walker, Independence

To the editor:

I just read a letter from May Bopp (Tuesday, “Animal shelter isn’t the right place to cut spending”) regarding the city closing some hours at the Independence Animal Shelter. I, too, was dismayed that funds that were voted on by the residents had been taken from the “pets” in so-called “pets and police” election held last summer.

How can families observe the animals when the shelter hours are so limited?

I’ve learned my lesson: Don’t trust any elections held for particular departments in Independence. Peter will rob Paul of dollars and not used like we were promised.

Shame on Independence. Shame on us for believing funds were to be used as promised.

No more.


A ‘new spiritual battle’ in transgender debate

B. Perry, Independence

To the editor:

I wondered when The Examiner would give its stamp of approval to “Transgender 101” programs at Mid-Continent Public Library (Our opinion, Dec. 7, “Library is right to stand by a valuable program”). They, Mid-Continent and the American Library Association that promotes “equity, diversity and inclusion” should be much more concerned about extremely serious, possible health issues for minors or anyone who changes their gender.

I attended a 101 program to observe, and have since learned about many aspects the speaker didn’t cover. Such as giving puberty blockers to children with gender dysphoria can cause osteoporosis, debilitating joint pain, decreasing cognitive ability, compromised immune functions, sterility, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, heart attacks, strokes and deadly blood clots.

This fast-growing phenomenon is seen by insightful Christians as a new spiritual battle. They’re truly concerned. Parents fighting this say their trans kids’ friends are similar, saying their reasoning sounds “scripted.” I wonder about subliminal messages in music and other means. This is an agenda and a lucrative one that puts the minds, bodies and spirits of many at great peril.

I also attended the November Library board meeting where a Platte County Board Member was treated meanly by LGBTQ activists for her courageous letter to the editor about this and related issues. She took it with such grace.

If Transgender 101 continues led by someone not medically qualified, this library should be accountable to the public by also offering a program led by someon who is to address the many risk factors. After all, the library’s mission is to “ensure everyone’s right to access information.”


Family’s city utility bill has been excessive

Deborah Bradberry Solomon, Independence

To the editor:

My family has resided in the Independence/KC area most of our lives. We appreciate that we have learned and received help and knowledge from others in our community and we have helped others with our knowledge. At the time our children attended and were involved with numerous activities in the Independence schools I was also active in seven organizations in the community for years. In all those years I never heard the name Eileen Weir, who is the present mayor.

We're honest people who pay our bills. My husband and I have the smallest brick house and yard in our Greencrest neighborhood. I've watered the yard and we're thrifty people with our utilities. I've placed eight phone calls to the Independence utilities department trying to resolve this issue.

For the size of our house I don't think the electricity bill should ever be more than $200 monthly even in the heat of the summer.

The most recent utilities price gouging bill we received, coincidentally right after we placed our Christmas nativity scene in our yard, was on Nov. 26 – $236.96 for water and $56.60 sewer.

The month the absurd utility price gouging started was July 2018 – $221.28 for electricity, $257.78 for water and $51.77 sewer, for a total of $530.83 in monthly utilities.

I would appreciate the present water bill of Nov. 26 being reduced from $236.96 to $50 or $60. We love our community and would appreciate being treated with fairness with our utilities.