Animals Best Friends recently rescued a beagle mix who was dumped in a wooded area. Apparently, someone left her to die as her hind legs were bound together above the knees. How people can be so cruel, we’ll never know.

The beagle was taken to the vet, and it was discovered that she has an old fracture in her right leg below the knee. This fracture has healed, but the fracture and the way she was bound made it difficult for her to walk at first. She was given anti-inflammatories and put on cage rest. She is doing better now, and the vet believes that she will be able to live a full, active life.

This sweet girl has been named Holly and is estimated to be around 13 weeks old. She has a sweet personality and is an energetic, healthy puppy. ABF wants to place her in a home with a secure fence since most beagles are escape artists.

If you are interested in meeting Holly and maybe adopting her, please go to our website,, and complete an application. ABF does home visits, vet checks, and two-week trials to be sure the animal and family are a good fit.