A quartet of Independence Police officers rescued a dog Tuesday evening after it had fallen through an icy pond just outside its home.

According to police, the officers responded at 7:41 p.m. to a pond near the 300 block of East Partridge Avenue, just east of Noland Road. They found the dog clinging to ice and struggling to stay afloat near the center of the pond, about a dozen feet from the edge. Officers Cody Burch and Leland La'ulu used a rope to tether themselves to Kreig Jarnagin and Josh Gena and waded into the chest-deep water to pull the dog to safety shortly before 8 p.m.

The dog, Lola, was able to get warm in her home, and Burch and La'ulu were able to change clothes quickly and avoid hypothermia and frostbite, police said.

Responding to the IPD's Facebook post about the incident, the dog's mother said the dog noticed a canine friend across the street, slipped out through a door her children had accidentally not closed all the way, bounded off and fell through the ice.