There was a time preceding the last presidential election that I was way uncertain as to which candidate I would support, and whether it would be a Democrat or a Republican, as I am neither.

Although I tend to lean more toward the Democratic culture and philosophy, I probably vote for more Republicans because that’s often the only choice you have in Eastern Jackson County.

But I will say that there was a time there when I thought maybe my candidate might just be Donald Trump.But since that time, more and more, I have come to view our president as a cretin, a creep, a bully, a narcissist, a liar and a complete jerk.

I realize that many may disagree. Or, they may agree in part, but still believe our President Trump is a wonderful leader nonetheless. And yes, my retirement account has indeed done quite well during his presidency, if that is the test of a good president.

But personally, I believe that credibility, humility, morality, compassion, character, intellect, charisma and humanity are the character traits that the leader of our nation should possess. And I am so disappointed to note that our president is sadly lacking in each of these areas, in my assessment.

But to my point: As much as I disdain the conduct and character of our president – and I do – I disagree with the use of impeachment as a tool in the political toolbox of the Democratic Party.

Impeachment is constitutionally reserved for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

But all they can come up with is “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.”

Isn’t that what presidents have always done, to some extent or another. I mean, can’t the impeachment proponents even come up with a citation to an actual criminal offense from the criminal code? Instead they conjure up some vague buzz words that sound bad.

Give me embezzlement, or robbery, or perjury, or treason if you want to impeach somebody. But, if you can’t cite to a defined criminal offense to support articles of impeachment, then give it up, stop wasting time and resources on this charade, and focus on finding a candidate with the credibility, humility, morality, compassion, character, intellect and humanity – and the appeal -- to whoop the guy in the next election.

It’s come to be apparent that the old formula for finding a presidential candidate is not in vogue – long-time congressman or governor who has paid the dues of a lifetime in politics.

“Career politician” is no longer appealing on a presidential resumé. That is, I believe, a big part of why Donald Trump got elected. And again, there was a time when I considered voting for him.

So who now? It’s a perplexing question.

But who among the throng of Democratic candidates represents someone who elicits anything more than a “meh” response? Oh, and they need to be electable.

I’ll be darned if I know for sure as yet – I’m sort of developing an idea on that. It will probably have to be a Democrat because Trump will surely survive this bid to oust him from office, and be the Republican candidate again. But I wouldn’t rule out a solid candidate from the Republican side, if that could possibly happen, although that is not at all likely, it would seem.

But despite my disdain for our current occupant, I don’t believe that impeachment is the way to go about dislodging him from the White House.

Ken Garten is a Blue Springs attorney. Email him at krgarten