The Rotary Club of Independence has named two Truman High School seniors as the Rotary students of the month.

• Jason Chapman is a member of the National Honor Society. He has been an active participant in sports, including cross-country and other track sports, since he was in the sixth grade. Jason has also been involved in wrestling during his high school years. In addition, Jason is a member of the Truman High School Concert Choir.

Outside of school hours, Jason has his own lawn-mowing business, which he started when he was 10 years old. He mows lawns every spring, summer and fall.

Jason is also an active member in his church youth group, where he serves as a mentor for younger children and is part of the leadership team for the youth group. Jason plans to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua this coming summer.

After high school, Jason plans to attend one year of community college and then transfer to a university where he will study game design and computer engineering.

Jason is the son of Cindi and Jim Chapman.

• Savannah Faapouli is an active member of the Truman High School music department, singing in the chamber choir, concert choir, and the women’s choir. She is also very active in the Truman step team, having served as the team’s manager, secretary, treasurer, and vice president.

Outside of school, Savannah participates in a number of church activities at the Seventh Day Adventist church in Independence. Savannah participates in TLT Pathfinders, church league volleyball, and babysitting for church families. Savannah is also a member of a choir at her church.

After high school, Savannah plans to attend the Metropolitan Community College and then to transfer to a university. Savannah is still deciding what her major fields of study will be.

Savannah is the daughter of Akesa and Bob Faapouli.