NEW YORK – A jealous ex from Blue Springs drove 18 hours to Brooklyn to try to put a bullet in his estranged wife's new boyfriend, officials said.

Cops said Rusty Lloyd, of Blue Springs, Missouri, took a rage-filled road trip that ended at a Brooklyn home, where he tried to push his way into the house and waved a gun at his wife's new guy.

Prosecutors said Lloyd and his wife, Claudia Carmona, were living together in Blue Springs several months ago when she told him she was going away to take care of her ailing mother.

Weeks later, she called to tell him it was over.

Lloyd, who sells and repairs woodworking power tools, did some research online and tracked her to an address in Mill Basin, officials said.

Then he rented a car, drove 1,200 miles across six states before showing up Wednesday shortly before 4 p.m. at the new boyfriend's house wearing a mask and carrying a box that had zip ties and duct tape inside, officials said. It also had his name on it, which authorities discovered when they found the box sometime later.

"I will kill you," Lloyd shouted after knocking at the door, prosecutors said at Lloyd's arraignment on Friday in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "Let me in."

Lloyd tried to push his way in past Frank Cerciello, who held the door until his brother, Ralph, came to help, according to a criminal complaint. Then Lloyd pulled out a gun and pointed it at the brothers, the court docs said.

Prosecutors said Lloyd pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed.

Lloyd ran off, and the brothers called police. Lloyd was arrested a short time later. His jacket and wallet were found close to the scene, but no gun was recovered, officials said.

Lloyd was charged with attempted murder, attempted assault, attempted burglary and menacing.

He was being held on $25,000 cash bail.

Lloyd's lawyer, Robin Leavitt said the gun was actually a lighter, although officials who reviewed a surveillance video said clicks from the weapon could be heard.

"He's adamant that there was no gun involved in this," Leavitt said. "Mr. Lloyd is not a would-be killer."

The lawyer said Lloyd gets distraught at this time of the year because the mother of his three children died of an opioid overdose around Christmas in 2013.