From The Examiner during the week of Dec. 22-27, 1969:

• “MISS TRUMAN WRITER ON WHITE HOUSE PETS” – Margaret Truman has a new book out for publication this week. Its title is “White House Pets,” and she told about it in a TV interview on the “Today” program one morning this week, looking charming and young in a bright red suit. Miss Truman’s anecdotal collection of pet tales took quite a bit of research, she admits, going back to George Washington, who broke his own horses, to Nixon’s late Checkers who never lived to gambol on the President’s lawn. “Dad could take or leave pets,” Miss Truman said.

• “CHRISTMAS TREE BURNING IS OUT” – One Christmas tree, plus one saw, added to one or more plastic bags equals the ingredients used in a new after-Christmas problem called “what to do with the 1969 Christmas tree.” According to health officials, gone are the days of throwing the Christmas tree onto a roaring fire, or putting it into an outdoor burner, or letting the wind roll it through the neighborhood. “This is the Christmas of air pollution,” Wayne Stepp, health director, said. “So that means no burning Christmas trees!”

From The Independence Examiner during the week of Dec. 22-27, 1919:

• “PRISONERS ATE GOOSE.” – There are seventeen prisoners at the county jail on North Main street. These make up the chain gang and the number is increased to meet the demands from the Kansas City jail where about 200 prisoners are always to be found. H.T. Hall, the jailor at Independence, gave the prisoners a dinner Christmas Day. The dinner was built around roast goose will all the Christmas trimmings and every thing which goes with a Christmas dinner. After the dinner the cigars were passed around. The men spent the day as a holiday from work.

• “CHRISTMAS AT HOME.” – Committees from the Elks’ Lodge and the Older Boys’ and Girls’ Council will assist Mrs. Lina Alexander in decorating the community Christmas tree tomorrow, Mayor Ott has ordered that the streets be washed and the square put into nice condition for the crowds Christmas Eve. As interest centers in the Community tree, the churches are not having the usual programs. The M.E. Church, South, several weeks ago decided to dispense with Christmas exercises altogether because of the scarcity of fuel. Members of the First Presbyterian Church have also decided to make this a giving instead of a getting Christmas. The Sunday School gave $135.00 to the Syrian Orphan Fund instead of having its usual treat.

• “WHOLESOME WATER.” (an editorial) – Independence is entitled to pure and wholesome water. The water we are now getting is disagreeable and a great many think that it is not wholesome and that it is the cause of nausea. If the Standard Oil Company is to blame the water company is entitled to have the nuisance abated as far as that part of it goes. Unless the city takes the problem to some authority which will not be denied, the condition is liable to continue. Independence had been a prohibition town for so long that our people have become accustomed to drinking large amounts of water. The habit is fixed and we cannot afford to have the water supply in such a condition that the people will be driven to drink wood alcohol.