Animals Best Friends recently rescued four terrier pups. There are three girls and one boy, and all are adorable.

Terriers are hunters and will go after all critters. We once had a rat terrier that treed a squirrel on a light pole. That was a long standoff. Terriers have good dispositions and make good family dogs. They love to keep busy, so play time is a must. Terriers also will dig, so it is best to have a secure fence and not leave them alone in the yard for long periods.

Ella has a beautiful black coat with white on her neck, chest and feet.

Babs has markings similar to a rottweiler. She is a beautiful black and brown puppy.

Riley’s coat is white with black spots, and he has a black patch over his left eye and ear.

Emmy’s coat is a beautiful combination of black, brown and white. She has an incredibly sweet face!

All of these puppies are 6 weeks old. Puppies need to be trained on how to act in a home. They need to learn what they can and cannot do, just like children. They will need to be house-trained and kept indoors. Crate training might be the easiest way to house train a puppy this time of year.

If you are interested in any of these puppies, please go to our website and complete an application. At the current time the puppies aren’t on the website, but you can name the pup that you are interested in from this article. ABF does home visits and two-week trials to be sure the animal and family are a good fit.