Welcome to Kristin Middleton’s world of wonder and delight.

She has always loved gardening. It’s a passion the University of Central Missouri graduate was handed down from her parents.

But the visual coordinator at Colonial Gardens in Blue Springs, has put her own touch on gardening.

She can turn a used Coleman cooler, a Radio Flyer wagon, a broken terra cotta bowl and an old wire bird cage into a world of wonderment and delight as she delights both young and old patrons with her whimsical fairy gardens.

“It’s so much fun taking something that is broken or discarded and turning into something special,” Middleton said, as she works on a new creation with a pond, a rock wall, a patio and her own touch that she said “takes all the stress away when you look at it.”

“Anybody and everybody who come over to my area of the store – families, moms, dads, children, grandchildren and their grandparents – I just (enjoy) the reaction when they see what we’re doing here; they are just fascinated.”

“We have folks who come in and talk about a favorite family memory and they ask if we can recreate it in one of our gardens and I say, ‘Absolutely.’ Just because they are called fairy gardens doesn’t mean that fairies have to be included in them.

“We do gardens with gnomes, children, favorite childhood memories – we make dreams and fantasies come to life. The looks on the faces of the wonderful people we work with create memories for me.”

Some of Middleton’s favorite memories come when a patron sees one of her creations for the first time.

“It’s the most wonderful way to connect with people, she said. “They come in and make suggestions, and always say, ‘I’m not creative,’ but they are – they just don’t know it. Then, they see the finished product and they smile, sometimes there are tears – it’s just the most wonderful feeling.”

Middleton is available for custom orders, and can offer many ideas for designs and personal touches to home décor. She can be reached at 816-229-1277.