The Jackson County Environmental Health Division inspects sites where food is served outside of Independence and Kansas City. Recent inspection results in Blue Springs include:

Plowboys, 3111 S.W. Missouri 7, inspected Jan 2.

• No food handler permits for multiple employees.

• Numerous drinks belonging to employees were stored on a work surface that is used for meal preparation.

• Food is being stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler.

• Single-service items are being stored on the floor.

• There are numerous exposed light bulbs above food prep, food storage and food cooking areas.

• Coleslaw and various other food items were not at 41 degrees F or less upon first observation. Corrected on site. The staff is aware that this particular cooler sometimes trips the circuit breaker and it must be manually reset. The circuit was reset and the food was lowered down to the proper temperature. Re-inspection required on 1/7/20 to ensure continued compliance.

• A make-table/reach-in cooler trips the circuit breaker numerous times a day. Corrected by 3/2/2020.

Taco John’s, 811 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected Jan. 3.

• A container of salsa was being held past the discard date. The container was removed and the contents were discarded. Corrected on site.

• Numerous cans had severe dents along the side/top/bottom seams. The cans were discarded. Corrected on site.

WalMart, 600 N.E. Coronado Drive, inspected on Jan. 3.

• There were multiple chemical bottles stored on prep areas and above ready to eat foods. Corrected on site.

• There was trash debris under the shelves in the bakery walk-in freezer.

• There was an employee’s cell phone and charger on the bakery prep station. Corrected on site.

Subway, 1875 N.W. Missouri 7, inspected Jan. 3.

• The ambient temperature of the reach-in cooler behind the make table is not reaching temperatures of 41 degrees F or below. Re-inspection required on Jan. 10.

• The gasket on the reach-in cooler is in disrepair.

• there are missing baseboard tiles below the three compartment sink.

Bean Counter Cafe, 27610 E. Wyatt Road, inspected Jan. 3. No violations found.

Adams Pointe Golf Club, 1601 N.E. R.D. Mize Road, inspected Jan. 3.

• The interior of the microwave had an accumulation of stuck-on food debris on the top. Corrected on site.

Wendy’s, 310 N.W. Missouril 7, inspected Jan. 3.

• The reach-in freezer next to the grill has an accumulation of food debris on the bottom.

• Under the handles to the reach-in cooler under the make table has an accumulation of sticky residue.

• There is trash debris under and behind the ice machine.

• There were no hand towels at the handwashing sink in the grill area next to the grill. Corrected on site.

Subway, 1240 N.W. Woods Chapel Road, inspected Jan. 7.

• Numerous food items were being held at 42 degrees F or higher. All of the food items were discarded. Corrected on site. Re-inspection on 1/10/20.

• the make table is not currently holding temperature at 41 degrees or less. It is currently holding at 42 degrees. Re-inspection required on 1/10/20.

• Except for the manager, the entire staff was unable to provide food handler permits.

Goodcents Deli, 1330-1332 N. Missouri 7, inspected Jan 3.

• There was a chipped utensil stored with the clean dishes. Corrected on site. Manager discarded the utensil.

• There was a broken and chipped food container stored with the clean dishes. Corrected on site. Manager discarded the container.

• There were several chemical bottles stored on food prep areas and next to single serve items. Corrected on site.

• The gaskets on the reach-in freezer and the reach-in coolers had an accumulation of dried food debris. Repeat.

• The interior of the utensil bucket used to store clean utensils had an accumulation of dried food debris. Repeat.

• The floor under the three compartment and prep sink has an accumulation of food debris.

• The gasket to the reach-in meat cooler is in disrepair. Correct by 3/3/20.

Clancy’s Cafe and Pub, 800 N.W. South Outer Road, inspected Jan. 3.

• Unable to obtain food handler permits for several employees. One other employee had an expired permit.

• The new menus do not contain a Consumer Advisory statement warning patrons about the risks of consuming raw or undercooked foods. A re-inspection is required on 1/9/20.

• The underside of the wire racks have an accumulation of debris and residue. Repeat violation.

• The hood vents have an excessive accumulation of grease and dust. Repeat violation.

• The meat slicer had an accumulation of food debris. Repeat violation. Re-inspection is required on Jan 9.

• The mechanical dishwasher ran out of sanitizer. Corrected on site.