Jackson County says it’s been paid more than a quarter million dollars for old Arrowhead Stadium seats sold as memorabilia. That money is meant to go for upgrades in county parks.

“Stadium seats have been going well,” Brian Nowotny, deputy director of Jackson County Parks + Rec, told county legislators on Monday.

The Kansas City Chiefs removed roughly 30,000 upper-deck seats last year, and after some tussle with the team, the county prevailed in its claim that those were county property and that the team could not simply dispose of them. The county contracted with a company that specializes in marketing seats from stadiums and arenas.

The company paid Jackson County $75,000 up front and then a share from each sale. The county puts sales at 2,092 units so far. That could be a seat, a pair of seats or other combinations at various prices.

“There are still seats available,” Nowotny said. The county had estimated that it would clear $266,675.

The leftover “components” of old seats might be recycled, he said.

The Chiefs also plan to replace more than 31,000 lower-bowl seats this year, and Nowatny said a second sale might be considered.

The county plans to use the proceeds of the sales for sidewalks and ramps to make parks more accessible.